How Long Do YOU Want To Live?

Have you asked yourself lately how long you want to live?

This brings us to our final strategy for increasing longevity and living our best life possible.  Hopefully you’ve gained some much needed perspective by now and are on your way to living many more years to come:

Like your body’s chemistry, aging is a natural process. While some things are simply inevitable, there are still ways in which you can control how fast you age. When you uncover and apply these methods, it will help you enjoy a better quality of life for a longer time.

The biggest single cause of your body’s  deterioration is probably oxidation. Oxygen molecules enter your body, but the way in which they were formed leave them in such a state that they try to bond with anything in their way, and oxidize it.

These wayward molecules are called “free radicals“, and are responsible for the gradual deterioration of your physical body.

Ironically,  you might notice that often people living at sea level – where oxygen is abundant – seem “old” at a relatively young age…think “free radicals.”

On the other hand, there are a few communities in the world where people (besides having escaped progress as we know it) grow very old and stay healthy at high ages – and these are situated high up in mountain ranges, where there is less oxygen going around. While that may not make sense, think of it in terms of HOW instead of WHY.

We need oxygen to survive, but since we can’t reduce the amount of oxygen we need to live off, we need to reduce the effect it has on our bodies.

Enter Antioxidants. While many potent antioxidants are found in vegetables, two stand out above all others:

1.  CACAO: In its pure, natural form, this is the top of the line free-radical slaying antioxidant. 

Out of all the foods that contain antioxidants, raw chocolate is the highest in the world. It dwarfs the popular foods and beverages commonly touted as being antioxidant-rich foods such as red wine, green tea and blueberries by a factor of 10x or more.

It has been shown that raw cacao benefits a range of cardiovascular issues. The dark chocolate antioxidants and abundant amounts of magnesium and other phytochemicals can balance blood pressure, lower high cholesterol, scrub away arterial plaque and promote general health by reversing heart disease. A bonus for women is that (Raw) chocolate bars are known as a great remedy for many of the issues associated with menstruation.

The nutrient density of raw cacao benefits every function of the body. One of the many cool facts about chocolate is that it is the highest source of magnesium and chromium of any food. Magnesium is the most deficient mineral in the average human. All of the compounds found in raw cacao benefits longevity in humans.

There are numerous scientific studies on the health benefits of chocolate and none that have been able to prove any negative health effects associated with it (unless the chocolate has additives like dairy or sugar).

2.  ACAI:  The second strongest antioxidant on the planet is the acai berry from the Amazon. You can find this in supplement form at your local health food store or even buy acai  juice to drink.

According to Jack F. Bukowski, MD, Ph.D., a former Harvard professor and currently Director of the Nutritional Science Research Institute, “while  additional research is needed, pilot studies suggest that in otherwise healthy, overweight adults, daily consumption of pure organic sugar free acai reduces cholesterol significantly and several markers of metabolic syndrome associated with an increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke. “

Longevity is not just a goal – it is a lifestyle. 

It’s a lifestyle that will allow you to preserve your body, your abilities and the quality of your life for as long as the universal good sees fit, keeping disease, undesirable medical conditions and other problems at bay in the process.

Frankly, if you fail to see the benefits of preserving what you have now, you will inevitably pay the price someday, one way or another. The only question left then to ask is when?

I vote eat right, exercise, decrease stress, and remember to take care of the little things, and you will live long enough to appreciate the gift of life you’ve been given.