Tips To Protecting Your Foundation

The barrier separating the earth from your home is known as the foundation.  Most foundations are made out of cement which gives your home a sturdy flat surface to build off of.  The foundation of your home, just like the rest of your house needs to be maintained in order to stay strong.  Here are some tips that you can do to keep your house foundation from needing repair.


Few people know this but you need to keep your foundation moist.  This is one reason why basements and other lower portions of your home are cold and damp.  When we have moisture around our foundations we keep the soil moist which keeps the foundation or dirt from shifting during the dry seasons.

house foundation

Maintain soil levels

Your foundation needs to be supported.  To do this it is important to maintain good soil levels.  If the soil levels of your yard drop too low you won’t have enough soil or dirt to support your foundation.  If this happens then the soil can come lose in a rain storm or after melting snows.  To ensure that your foundation is in its proper position maintain your soil levels.

Maintain a proper grade

Your yard needs to have a proper grade.  This will determine the slop away from your home and its foundation.  If the grade is too steep your dirt can wash away.  If your grade isn’t steep enough you will have standing water.  When building your home make sure that they start with the roper grade and that you maintain it over the life of your home.

Trees and bushes

Make sure when you plant trees, bushes or anything with long roots that you plant them far away from the house.  If these roots are too close to the house they can grow under the foundation and eventually up through it.